What is Self Service Kiosk (SSK)?

Self Service Kiosk is specialized machine designed and built for your customers to transact with your services without any staff presence. Kiosk is often known as various names such as Self Service POS or Interactive Kiosk. etc. The prominent big Touch Screen found in most kiosks earn it another name - Touch Screen Kiosk.  Your business can benefit by deploying Self Service Kiosk if your customer activites can be automated such as revenue collection, ticket selling, food ordering, bill payment, or gift card issuing. Most clients deploy our kiosks to:-

  • Level-up Their Customer Service Hours to 24x7

  • Expand Sales Touchpoints into High Traffic Areas

  • Boost Sales/Revenue by Catering To Customers Who Prefer Self Service 


Our love-matching of human and technologies delivers a versatile Self Service Kiosk with:-

  • Rugged design for heavy-traffic usage
  • Triple-layer compartments for added security
  • Integrated Kiosk Software frameworks designed for everyone
  • Modular configurations made optional i.e. card dispenser, barcode scanner, cashless devices
  • Design catering for accessibility/disability guidelines






What Can Self Service Kiosk Do For You?

  • Offload Revenue Collection Tasks from Counter Staff
  • Extend Your Services to 24 hours a day & 7 days a week
  • Expand You Service Touch Points Cost-effectively

Software Built For Self-service Model

  • Best Practices of UX and UI for most industries
  • Smart algorithm to Handle Cash and Security Processes
  • Server/POS Software Ready

Cloud-based Server Model

  • Ready Server that Our Self Service Kiosk Can Communicate 
  • Mission-critical Architecture Built for Scalability and Expandibility
  • All Data Are Synchronized and Backup

Self Service Kiosk (SSK) Monitoring Tool

  • Work anywhere with our Internet-based monitoring tool
  • Safe time with Component & Consumable level Monitoring
  • Be informed with our real-time visibility feature

Self Service Kiosk Options

Accept Credit & Debit Cards Accept Cash Notes  
Card Issuing & Topup Kiosk:-

  • Multi-lingual Self-service Model
  • Issue new Smartcard/RFID Card 
  • Top-up Value for Existing Card 
  • Designed for Open or Close-loop   
  • Compliant with MiFare Standard
  • Accept Cash & Cashless Card 
  • Integrated with Card Host System
  • Communicate via 3G/4G Network


Accept Credit & Debit Cards 
Ticketing Kiosk:-

  • Multi-lingual Self-service Model
  • Issue new Thermal Paper Print-out
  • 40 inch LED Touch Screen
  • Accept Loyalty-point Payments
  • Accept Credit/Debit Card 
  • Self Service POS


Accept Credit & Debit Cards Accept Cash Notes  Accept Cheques
Bill Payment Kiosk:-

  • Multi-lingual Self-service Model
  • Scan Bill via 2D Barcoding
  • Pay Summons via Identity Card (IC)
  • Accept Cash, Cheque, Credit, Debit Card
  • Integrated with Client Billing System
  • Communicate via 3G/4G Network 



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