Touch 'n Go Card Vending & Reload Self Service Kiosk

Posted on 02 June 2014

Longbow has deployed and commissioned the Card Vending and Reload Self Service Kiosk for Touch n' Go 
accross various shopping malls & airport in Selangor and Kuala Lumpur areas including Bank
Negara (Central Bank Malaysia).

The Self Service Kiosks allow public to buy new card, check balance and top up existing Touch n' Go cards. In
certain locations, some kiosks may perform refund of existing card's value*.


Self Service Kiosk in Bank Negara 

Self Service Kiosk in Paradigm Mall

Self Service Kiosk in KL Sentral - Touch n' Go Hub


*Terms and Conditions Apply & Subject To Change Anytime.

No product deliver more reliable and complete payment than our
Self Service Kiosk - Card Vending & Top Up Kiosk. Check out the product detail 
as seen in the news now.

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