Cinema Self Service Ticketing Kiosk

Posted on 01 October 2015

Longbow has deployed and commissioned the first Cinema Self-service ticketing kiosk in Malaysia since September 2015 for its Client TGV Cinemas
across various cinemas outlet in peninsula.

The kiosk application is fully normalized to reduced steps and make it extra user friendly for any type of cinema customers, says Longbow project application specialist, Sourena Kiarasi.

The kiosk has been deployed to several of cinema branches in Klang valley area and Johor Bahru.

The Self Service Kiosks allow Cinema goers to skip the counter queue to purchase their movie ticket, The solution is integrated with MovieClub to redeem point and collect points, syas Sourena Kiarasi.


Self Service Cinema Kiosk in Cheras Sentral

Self Service Kiosk in Sunway Pyramid


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No product deliver more reliable and complete payment than our
Self Service Kiosk – Cinema Kiosk. Check out the product detail 
as seen in the news now.

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